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About Our Patio Furniture Covers

WeatherMax covers by KoverRoos

WeatherMax Patio Furniture Covers

For the truly discerning customer, WeatherMax offers the perfect blend of function and form. This patented fabric was developed out of the need for a fabric that would retain its color and strength in severe outdoor exposure yet still provide a beautiful, rich appearance. It is extremely breathable and durable and comes in a range of alluring colors for those who do not compromise on style. WeatherMax is now available to cover your outdoor furniture.

Available in (6) great colors: Toast, Forest Green, Black, Light Charcoal, Pacific Blue, White

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SuperRoos covers by KoverRoos

SupraRoos are designed to perform under the toughest of conditions. SupraRoos uses Dupont two-layer technology that is twice as strong as regular Tyvek and provides superior protection against high wind and inclement weather. Available in white only the outer layer provides great UV-resistance while the inner layer adds strength and resistance to sharp edges and corners making the fabric extra tough. If you need to protect your outdoor furniture for long periods of rain, strong winds, or snow, SupraRoos will best meet your needs.

Available in White only.

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PCI Patio Furniture Covers

PCI patio furniture covers utilize rich, luxurious vinyl that has been UV treated for years of stability outdoors. Our Dura-Gard vinyl is unlike any in todayís market. Itís 7mil. thick, with a 4-ounce fleece polypropylene backing, which is first compressed into a flat sheet and then laminated onto the vinyl. This process ensures the fleece wonít come off on the furniture like traditional, fuzzy backed vinyl, while adding an incredible amount of strength to the cover that fuzzy backed vinylís canít match.

Available in Gray and some BBQ and Heater covers are available in Black

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