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How do I measure for Patio Furniture Covers?

Three important dimensions are all you need to find the right cover. Length by Width by Height (L x W x H) or in some cases, Length by Depth by Height (L x D x H)

Patio Table Cover or Table and Chair Covers

How to measure?

(L) Length - (W) Width - (H) Height

Note: Be sure to push your chairs all the way in when measuring. Measure from the top of one chair to the opposite chair, then the other side. If a cover fits too big, then simply pull the chairs out slightly to make the cover fit tight.

Patio Chair, Chaise Lounges, Benches, Glider, Sofas and Settees Protective Covers

  • (H) = Height
  • (L) = Length - Measure your chair or chaise from the back to the front.
  • (W) = Width - Measure from left to right across the front of the chair or chaise.
How to measure for a chair cover? How to measure a chaise lounge cover?
(H) Height - (L) Length - (W) Width Note: For chaise lounges, pull the back in the up position, then begin measuring.